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Ideally situated on the Old Island Highway, Children of the Island is one of the most accessible childcare centres in the Westshore. With the Galloping Goose walking trail connected to one side of the property and the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre just across the road, our center is well positioned to meet your family’s needs.

From the moment you step into the centre, your family will be swept away by the welcoming and warm feeling we have created. Our centre is bright, clean, well organised and designed to allow plenty of natural lighting.

Our motto here at Children of the Island will always be “families first” and we have ensured our centre reflects that motto in every way we can. We encourage you to come and explore these spaces for yourself and learn all about what Children of the Island has to offer. Call us today to book a tour.


Although I am not their parent,

I care for them each day.

I cuddle, sing and read to them

And watch them as they play.

I see each new accomplishment

And help them grow and learn.

They come to me for comfort.

I soothe away theirs tears.

They proudly show their work to me.

I give the loudest cheers.

No, I am not their parent,

But my role is just as strong.

I know some day the time will come,

When we may have to part.

But I know each child I have cared for,

Is forever in my heart.

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Children come to our centre as individuals with their unique blend of intelligences, personalities, temperaments, talents, interests, and learning styles. Our challenge is to create a learning environment that nurtures and supports all types of learners.

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Bilingual approach

Researchers say the best way to become proficient in a second language is to start young and practice often. Young children learn a second or third language by being surrounded with that language as they engage in their world. The benefits of being bilingual, such as greater cognitive flexibility, have been well documented.

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Health Canada says that nutrition is the cornerstone of the early development of a child’s brain. Children of the Island is committed to providing an environment that both nurtures and supports the growing minds you have entrusted us with.

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109-1830 Island Hwy
Colwood, BC




P: (778) 265-KIDS (5437)



7:00 am – 5:00 pm

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