We Eat Good, Healthy Food!

We need to teach our children to eat real food. No junk foods. No fast foods. No processed foods. Just honest, nutritious, real food.

All of our menus and snacks are prepared in accordance with the Canadian food Guide.


Our Chef

Charles Paquet

Charles, a graduate of Camosun College Culinary arts program has a background in fine dining as well as working with schools.  Upon taking the position, Charles was thrilled to work with children once again since he strongly believes that a relationship with food is very important at an early age, to allow kids to fully appreciate a variety of food and to develop their palates while giving them all the nourishment they need. Charles is dedicated to make delicious, wholesome food, that your child will never get bored with.

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Nutrition Philosophy

It is imperative that children develop good eating habits while they are young. We at Children of the Island take food children love and give them a healthy spin. Our menu is specifically designed to appeal to children’s palates. Our amazing lunches and snacks are healthy, delicious, offer plenty of variety and most importantly children will want to eat the food.

Our amazing chefs have several ‘sneaky ways’ to add more nutrition to the children’s diet. They often add cooked fresh mashed vegetables to Spaghetti sauce, Sloppy Joes or Chili.

Together, their combined expertise provides over 10 years of experience in the Food, Health, and Hospitality industries and they always ensure that our food is nutritious, high quality and enjoyable for the children.

Children are impressionable and enjoy imitating their peers. Parents, educators, and other adults play an important role in shaping the child’s attitude toward the acceptance of nutritious foods. Educators in the classroom are expected to reinforce positive food attitudes by eating and socializing with the children at mealtimes. Meals are provided to all and served family style.



2620 Mica Place

Langford, BC

V9B 5N1



P: (778) 265-KIDS (5437)



7:00 am – 5:00 pm

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