Our Classroom

We have 11 beautifully appointed classrooms of different sizes, age groups and capacities allowing us to meet each child’s individual needs. Some children thrive in a smaller group setting while others would benefit from a larger group.  Each classroom has been precisely designed to support our curriculum and encourage our learn through play approach. We have ensured that children are provided a bright, clean, functional space to allow them to thrive physically, cognitively and developmentally.

Our Staff

Children of the Island is proud of the amazing group of dedicated, passionate qualified educators and supportive staff that complete our wonderful family.  Our educators foster individual well-being by adapting to each child's unique developmental levels and needs. They encourage personal growth through modeling, guidance, and teaching.  They work with the children to stimulate their interests, build upon their strengths and bolster areas that may need development.


Our large outdoor nature inspired playground will not disappoint!  Our 10,000 square foot play space features many different environments such as a pirate ship, garden area, tree house, balance beams, a fort and a tricycle circuit which all allow for a never ending list of fun activities.  Outdoor play is a big part of our program as it allows children to develop on a social, physical and imaginative level that nourishes a child’s mind, body, and spirit.


We also have an indoor gymnasium room that features an indoor bouldering/climbing wall.  Children can use this room to participate in our extra curricular activities such as Martial tots, Zumba, Yoga and P.I.S.E.S. program. We also sometime let the children just stretch out and have fun!