Children come to our centre as individuals with their unique blend of intelligences, personalities, temperaments, talents, interests, and learning styles. Our challenge is to create a learning environment that nurtures and supports all types of learners.

We have designed and implemented a strong, rich, and creative emergent curriculum applied in a bilingual French/English environment. This curriculum centers around inspiring a child’s love of learning as well as fostering their joy for discovery. We accomplish this through language enrichment, artistic expression, learning through play, and with hands-on experiences. At Children of the Island, we strengthen all developmental domains (physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and artistic) while promoting respect of self, respect for others, and respect for our surrounding environment and community.  Our dedicated and passionate educators encourage and promote a sense of independence and autonomy by providing each child with varied ways and opportunities to experience, explore, and interact with the world around them. This is all provided for within a safe, joyful, loving, and unhurried environment.

Our classrooms, materials and routines are designed to support our curriculum and encourage a learning through play approach. Learning through play has been identified as vital to a child’s early development, and is key in laying the foundations for: learning to read and write, learning mathematics, science, technology, and a for providing a foundation for the arts.


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