Health Canada says that nutrition is the cornerstone of the early development of a child’s brain. Children of the Island is committed to providing an environment that both nurtures and supports the growing minds you have entrusted us with. That is why one of the very first decisions we made in creating this space, was to have an in-house chef to prepare delicious and nutritious lunches daily, as well as a snack in the morning and afternoon. 

Enticing Sandra, our chef, to come out of retirement and work with us was the second thing on our to-do list, and boy are we happy she agreed. Since the day we opened our doors, Sandra has been there, preparing meals in accordance with the Canada Food Guide that not only make our palettes water but have the loving touch only a Grandmother can provide.

As also suggested by the Canada Food Guide, we will never restrict your child’s food consumption. In fact, some of our little friends eat more than the staff do! It is a pleasure to work with our families to address the dietary needs of your child and is something we take seriously. Offering a large variety of foods from all the 4 food groups, you can rest assured, your child will never get bored with Sandra in the kitchen!

If you would like to learn more about Canada’s Food Guidelines or any of their healthy eating programs: